Blake Lively or Cara Delevingne; Who will be Taylor Swift’s maid of honor? | Pro Hub of News

According to an insider familiar with Life & Style, Taylor Swift may opt for a longtime friend from her celebrity circle if she ties the knot with NFL star Travis Kelce.

The singer has been in a relationship with Kelce for nearly a year, and sources suggest they could be headed towards marriage. Should that happen, Taylor would have to choose a maid of honor from her extensive group of girlfriends, with strong indications she may already have someone in mind.

“Taylor has a deep bond with Cara. She stood by her during a difficult period and that support hasn’t been forgotten,” the insider shared about Taylor’s friendship with Cara Delevingne.

“There’s a mutual admiration between them. Cara looks up to Taylor and respects her accomplishments greatly. Taylor often praises Cara as one of her closest friends,” they added.

While Taylor and Cara have been friends for years, their relationship has grown stronger recently, particularly as Cara has taken on a more prominent role in Taylor’s inner circle.

“Many assume it might be Blake Lively, but recent developments suggest Cara is a top contender,” the insider noted, highlighting their close connection during Taylor’s recent visit to London.