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Prince Harry thinks Prince William’s turned into a country bumpkin for Kate | Pro Hub of News

According to royal author Tina Brown, Prince Harry has reportedly harbored strong negative feelings towards Kate Middleton and her family for influencing Prince William’s priorities.

In an interview with The Mirror, Brown revealed that Harry struggled to comprehend why William was so fixated on the Middleton family, which led to a rift in their previously close bond of “us-against-the-world.”

“Harry felt displaced by the Middleton family’s bourgeois lifestyle and couldn’t understand his brother’s obsession with them,” Brown explained. She described how the Middletons’ lifestyle in Bucklebury bored Harry immensely.

“The couple [now known as the Waleses] had formed a close-knit unit, with William fully embracing the Windsor country life,” Brown continued. “When not at the Middleton residence, William could often be found at Anmer Hall, the Georgian mansion on the Sandringham Estate gifted to them by the Queen. There, he would dress in a flat cap and tweed jacket, blending in with his Norfolk farmer friends, whom Harry mockingly referred to as ‘turnip toffs.'”

Brown’s insights shed light on the complexities within the royal family dynamics, particularly regarding the relationship between William, Kate, and Harry.