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Prince William leaves Prince Harry heartbroken | Pro Hub of News

Prince William has recently distanced himself from his younger brother, leaving him to cope with a broken heart.

The revelation came from royal commentator and expert Phil Dampier, who shared his perspective in a candid interview. According to an OK magazine report, Dampier provided insights into Prince Harry’s feelings of exclusion regarding Kate Middleton.

“The King or Prince William would never disclose details of private matters like cancer treatment to Harry,” Dampier reportedly stated. “They lack trust in him, fearing any information about Charles or Catherine would end up in the media or on social platforms.”

Dampier reiterated his stance later, expressing doubt about the possibility of reconciliation anytime soon. “Relations have deteriorated significantly in recent years, and it may take a considerable amount of time for any chance of reconciliation,” he added.

“If Harry feels neglected and sidelined, unfortunately, it’s a consequence of his own actions,” Dampier concluded, reflecting on Harry’s reported disappointment over lack of communication from his family.

In summary, Dampier emphasized that while Harry may be experiencing heartache from his familial estrangement, the responsibility lies with him.