Shakira reminisces on sons’ first day at American school | Pro Hub of News

Shakira reminisced about a touching moment from her sons’ first day at their new school during an interview with Rolling Stone. She revealed her initial nervousness after relocating from Barcelona to Miami and expressed concern about Sasha and Milan adjusting to their new surroundings.

Recalling the day, Shakira said, “I’ll never forget their first day of school. I was incredibly nervous. But when I picked them up, they ran to me, hugged me, and exclaimed, ‘We love it!’ My eyes had been wide with worry all day, expecting the worst, but they greeted me with pure joy.”

Shakira reflected on the contrast between children and adults when it comes to adapting to new environments, saying, “When kids find a good school environment, it’s seamless. Meanwhile, us adults have to work on making friends, but at my age, there’s no school I can attend.”

In another interview with Zane Lowe, Shakira, who co-parents with Gerard Piqué, discussed her experiences as a single mother and how she manages her hectic career while prioritizing time with her sons. She often stays up late to ensure she spends quality time with them.