Blake Lively assures audience will ‘love’ film ‘It Ends With Us’ | Pro Hub of News

Blake Lively recently reassured fans that her upcoming film, It Ends With Us, based on the popular novel of the same name, would live up to its literary counterpart.

The actress joined author Colleen Hoover and co-star Brandon Skelnar at the Book Bonanza in Grapevine, where they discussed the project in a conversation moderated by Entertainment Tonight.

Lively expressed her confidence in the adaptation, emphasizing that whether viewers read the book first or see the movie first, they’re likely to appreciate both. “If you read the book first, I genuinely believe, and I usually don’t make promises like this, but I believe you’ll love the movie,” Lively commented on the 2016 bestseller.

She continued, “And if you see the movie first and then read the book, you’ll love the book. That’s the goal, and I hope we can achieve that.”

Discussing the intricacies of adapting a novel for the screen, Lively noted, “When you’re making a movie, there are so many elements and factors to consider…”