Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck stand at impasse? | Pro Hub of News

Despite attending Ben Affleck’s son Samuel’s graduation ceremony together, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reportedly maintained distance, adding to speculation about their relationship status.

TMZ reported that the couple exited separately and kept their families apart during the event, indicating ongoing tensions. Observers noted the absence of any public displays of affection, raising questions about the state of their relationship.

Recent rumors of a possible divorce have reportedly left Lopez feeling distressed and emotional. Sources shared with In Touch that she fluctuates between anger, despair, and panic attacks, struggling to come to terms with the situation.

According to insiders, Lopez sees Affleck as an integral part of her life and is fearful of losing him. Her emotional turmoil is evident, with friends noting her breakdown and her belief that their relationship can be salvaged.

Despite the strain, there are hints of hope as the couple was spotted wearing their wedding rings at the ceremony, suggesting that reconciliation may still be possible.