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Prince Harry has lost Prince William for good | Pro Hub of News

Former royal butler Grant Harrold has issued a stark warning about Prince Harry’s future prospects with the monarchy, suggesting that he has severely damaged his chances of regaining favor.

In a recent interview reported by the New York Post, Harrold commented on the situation, stating, “[Harry] caused damage and broke down trust,” particularly noting the challenges faced as a future monarch.

Harrold expressed skepticism about the possibility of restoring the brothers’ original relationship, built on a foundation of trust, saying, “I doubt they’ll ever get back the relationship they had originally.”

Acknowledging the complexity of the situation, Harrold emphasized that healing will take time, describing Prince William as resilient but acknowledging the difficulties ahead. He added his personal hope for reconciliation but admitted, “Yes, it is unlikely.”

Overall, Harrold’s remarks underscore the significant rift and the uphill battle Prince Harry faces in repairing relations within the royal family.