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Prince William’ fighting for his life through trauma pain more than he’d admit | Pro Hub of News

Prince William has reportedly been deeply affected by Prince Harry’s actions for a longer period than he might openly admit, according to experts.

The editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine provided insights into the rift between the brothers in an interview with The Mirror. She began by noting their contrasting personalities, stating, “William is sensitive, values structure, and is highly perseverant.”

“The strain in his relationship with his brother Harry has affected him more than he lets on. Rather than endure ongoing irritation, he chose to sever ties,” she explained.

“During a challenging time when his father battled cancer and Kate underwent serious abdominal surgery, later requiring cancer treatment herself, William took on the roles of both mother and father to their children while fulfilling his royal duties in support of the Queen during his father’s absence.”

“In summary, the trials of the past year have strengthened him,” she concluded. “He has evolved into the kind of man Diana always envisioned him to be: compassionate, considerate, and resilient in facing life’s challenges.”