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Meghan Markle rocks the world with ‘Mad Hatter’ tendencies | Pro Hub of News

Meghan Markle has recently caused a stir worldwide with the launch of her new product for a luxury lifestyle brand, prompting experts to question the situation with incredulity.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser expressed these sentiments about the Duchess of Sussex in a candid piece for News.com.au, likening the unfolding events to a journey through Wonderland. Elser remarked, “Somehow, like Alice in Wonderland, we have fallen through the looking glass.”

Elser elaborated on her observations, stating, “Things in the royal world have only gotten curious and curiouser.” As an example, she contrasted a recent event at Buckingham Palace where young campaigners from the charity SafeLives met with Queen Camilla, who had pursued a traditional path of finishing school to secure a husband and never held a job.

Meanwhile, “8500km away, Meghan the Duchess of Sussex, known for her education from a top US university and activism prior to her royal title, was quietly launching a jam brand. What in the name of the Mad Hatter is going on?”