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Prince Harry sends cryptic message to Royal family after ‘humiliating’ eviction | Pro Hub of News

Prince Harry made a significant declaration on June 29, 2023, establishing the United States as his permanent residence, coinciding with the day he and Meghan vacated Frogmore Cottage on orders from King Charles.

Royal expert Esther Krakue, speaking to Sky News Australia, interpreted Harry’s choice of date as a deliberate and symbolic message to the Royal Family.

“Prince Harry’s decision to formalize his US residency on the same day he departed Frogmore Cottage is quite telling,” Krakue remarked. “It seems he intended to convey that he has moved on from his royal past. This choice of date carries a symbolic weight, highlighting what has been lost and perhaps what never should have been.”

Frogmore Cottage, originally gifted to the couple by the late Queen Elizabeth, has remained unoccupied since their eviction.