‘Stranger Things’ director Shawn Levy reveals major aspect of final season | Pro Hub of News

Stranger Things director Shawn Levy recently shared insights into the final season’s most crucial aspect. Speaking with Collider, the 55-year-old filmmaker revealed a departure from his usual tradition of directing episodes 3 and 4 due to scheduling constraints.

While he couldn’t disclose specific details, Levy hinted at a shift in his directorial schedule, explaining, “As you know, I’ve always directed Episodes 3 and 4. We have to get after it, and so with my schedule and the show’s schedule, I’m gonna be doing a later episode.”

He clarified that he won’t be directing the finale, leaving that task to the Duffer Brothers, consistent with previous seasons. Reflecting on the show’s approach to endings, Levy emphasized the importance of delivering a satisfying conclusion.

“It’s always a mixture with Stranger Things,” he remarked. “The Duffers have always been obsessed with sticking the landing. We’ve got to stick to the landing of every episode, and we tried to stick with the landing at the end of every season. So, you better believe we are all devoted to sticking the landing with the series finale.”