David Beckham reveals how he is different from his father | Pro Hub of News

David Beckham’s father always encouraged him to push his boundaries, despite coming from a humble background before becoming a renowned footballer.

In a recent candid conversation with James Corden on his podcast “This Life of Mine,” the 48-year-old star reflected on his father’s attitude towards his success. Beckham shared that his father didn’t often praise him until he reached a significant milestone in his career, his hundredth cap.

“It was the first time my dad turned around to me and said, ‘you’ve made it boy,'” Beckham recalled about the moment after winning his hundredth cap.

He further explained that while his father loved him, he was not one to frequently express praise or recognition for his achievements. Beckham acknowledged that his own children with Victoria Beckham have a softer experience with their father compared to his own upbringing.

Overall, Beckham’s journey from a modest background to sporting success reflects the impact of parental support and encouragement on achieving one’s goals.