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Prince Harry’s offers for help are just a ‘farce’ | Pro Hub of News

Prince Harry is facing criticism for his purported offers of assistance, which have been labeled as nothing more than a charade. Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams brought these concerns to light during a conversation with the Mail Online.

Fitzwilliams initially discussed the potential ramifications of a royal comeback, acknowledging its potential appeal but deeming it highly improbable. He suggested that Harry and Meghan may have been exploring the idea of Harry stepping back into royal duties, but emphasized the significant breakdown of trust within the royal family, particularly between Harry and William.

In Fitzwilliams’ view, the lack of trust makes any potential return for Harry untenable. He argued that while Harry may have intended to offer assistance, such a move would only undermine the dignity and integrity of the monarchy. Fitzwilliams highlighted the importance of maintaining the royal family’s prestige and credibility, suggesting that a return by Harry and Meghan would diminish the monarchy’s standing in the eyes of the public.

In conclusion, Fitzwilliams asserted that Harry and Meghan’s return to royal life is simply not feasible. He emphasized the necessity for the monarchy to retain its cachet and be taken seriously, a status he believes would be compromised by their return.

Ultimately, Fitzwilliams painted a picture of insurmountable obstacles to any potential return by Prince Harry, citing irreparable trust issues and concerns about the dignity and credibility of the monarchy.