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Royal family reacts after Prince Harry’s latest interview | Pro Hub of News

During an interview with Good Morning America, Prince Harry declined to comment on his father, King Charles’ cancer diagnosis, stating that his perspective on the matter remains private between them.

However, the Duke of Sussex acknowledged the unifying effect of illness within families, hinting at his willingness to set aside his feud with the Royal family. A royal correspondent noted that Buckingham Palace felt a sense of relief after the interview’s trailer was released, suggesting that Harry’s comments signaled a positive shift.

When asked about his outlook on the King’s health, Harry maintained confidentiality, stating, “That stays between me and him.” He emphasized the strength of familial bonds during times of illness, drawing parallels to the unity observed among Invictus athletes’ families.

Expressing his affection for his family, Harry revealed plans to visit the UK again to spend time with his father. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to see him and emphasized his commitment to making frequent trips to the UK to reconnect with his family whenever possible.