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Prince William willing to put his rift with Harry aside for King Charles’ sake | Pro Hub of News

Reports suggest that Prince William has chosen to reconcile with Prince Harry for the sake of their father, King Charles, and to present a united front to the world as a “tight-knit” family when necessary.

The Times reported that Prince Harry, in light of his father’s cancer diagnosis, is prepared to temporarily take on royal duties to support King Charles during his illness. Harry shared in an interview with Good Morning America that he intends to visit the UK frequently to be with his father.

According to Life & Style, King Charles personally informed William and Harry of his cancer diagnosis, which left both sons deeply affected. Harry wasted no time in traveling to the UK to be by his father’s side, initiating the healing process between them.

An insider revealed that despite their differences, Harry would never turn his back on his father, and William is also willing to mend their relationship. The source emphasized that despite public perceptions of family dysfunction, the royals are tightly bonded and come together in times of need. When faced with adversity, they prioritize unity and support for one another.