Travis Kelce’s coach credits Taylor Swift for making him ‘a different man’ | Pro Hub of News

The Kansas City Chiefs’ coach is supportive of Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift. Dave Merritt, the team’s defensive backs coach, acknowledged the positive impact the 34-year-old singer has had on the team.

Speaking on Wednesday’s episode of The Sports Shop Podcast with Reese & K-Mac, Merritt praised Swift for bringing positivity to Kelce’s squad. He noted that her presence was met with excitement among the team, and Kelce himself was visibly happy.

Merritt emphasized that Swift’s influence had a beneficial effect on Kelce, transforming him into a more positive and upbeat individual. He described how her involvement with Kelce extended to becoming a welcomed part of the team’s “family.”

According to Merritt, there were initial reservations from some fans about Swift’s presence being highlighted on television. However, he explained that as Kelce’s partner, she was embraced as part of the Chiefs’ extended family, likening her to a little sister.

Moreover, Merritt disclosed that Swift had been discreetly attending games before her relationship with Kelce became public knowledge. Her visits to the stadiums were initially private affairs until the spotlight of the cameras revealed her presence to the public.