WATCH: Ronaldo’s Al Nassr takes regular bus in China following tour postponement | Pro Hub of News

Following Al Nassr’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s apology for delayed friendlies in China, fallout persisted as the team was spotted traveling in a regular bus instead of the expected tour bus, fueling criticism on social media, as reported by Essentially Sports.

Organizers’ frustration was evident as what was anticipated as a special visit turned into an unfortunate debacle for the Portuguese star and his team. The China tour, initially met with enthusiasm and special preparations, ended with disappointment as the matches were postponed.

The departure from the country saw the team using a regular bus, a departure from the usual arrangements for traveling teams. Social media users seized the opportunity to criticize Cristiano Ronaldo and Al Nassr for not fulfilling the anticipated friendlies.

Despite the current backlash, there’s a likelihood of Al Nassr returning to China, evidenced by a rescheduled tour date on a booking platform for September 30th. Cristiano Ronaldo has assured fans of the team’s future visit, suggesting a potential comeback later this year.

The decision to cancel the tour stemmed from Ronaldo’s unfitness to play in the friendlies, leading to protests by hundreds of disappointed fans outside the team’s hotel. Law enforcement had to intervene to maintain order and prevent damage to hotel property. The Al Nassr saga in China unfolds with uncertainty about Ronaldo’s presence in the rescheduled matches and lingering frustrations among disappointed fans.