Meghan Markle, Prince Harry had ‘such potential’ but failed | Pro Hub of News

Experts have recently speculated about an alternate future in which Meghan Markle and Prince Harry remained within the Firm, citing their significant potential. Robert Hardman recently commented on claims regarding the couple’s perceived sensitivity and prickliness.

Hardman began by recounting some of the couple’s past actions, including their involvement in books, TV interviews, and the creation of a six-part Netflix drama. He also reflected on claims that they harbor feelings of resentment when things don’t go their way and perceive everything as part of a calculated campaign against them.

These discussions arose following the release of Hardman’s book, which shed light on Queen Elizabeth’s real reaction to the naming of Lilibet. During an interview with GB News, Hardman delved into the chaotic aftermath of the Queen’s death, contrasting it with Harry’s account of feeling isolated and unable to reach anyone.

Hardman expressed disappointment in the focus on self-interest, emphasizing that the Royal Family operates as a team effort. He lamented the potential wasted by Meghan and Harry, noting that their recent commentary on royal matters often centers on their unhappiness within the institution.