Truth behind Brad Pitt’s cosmetic procedure laid bare | Pro Hub of News

Brad Pitt has sparked rumors of undergoing cosmetic surgery following his appearance at the Wimbledon tennis tournament in 2023, as reported by Daily Mail. The actor, then 59 years old, captured attention with his remarkably youthful appearance, prompting speculation about possible cosmetic procedures.

Renowned facial aesthetician Dr. Jonny Betteridge weighed in on these rumors, suggesting that there might be truth to them. Dr. Betteridge took to Instagram to analyze Brad’s facial features, comparing his appearance from four years ago in 2020. He noted signs of aging such as deep static lines, volume loss in the eye and mid-face area, and some skin laxity in the lower face.

Of particular interest, Dr. Betteridge pointed out what he described as a ‘classic appearance of a facelift scar’ on one of Brad’s ears. He explained that during the facelift procedure, the skin around the ear is raised, which can alter the shape and position of the earlobes.

Dr. Betteridge commented on Brad’s transformation, remarking that it appears to be a well-executed surgery. Following the video’s viral spread online, Dr. Betteridge elaborated to The Sun, acknowledging the widespread astonishment at Brad’s youthful appearance at 60. He noted significant changes in Brad’s appearance over time and suggested that the actor could indeed have undergone a facelift, emphasizing the noticeable alterations within the given timeframe.

Truth behind Brad Pitts cosmetic procedure laid bare