Amy Robach, T.J Holmes’ podcast deemed ‘soap opera’ after on-air ‘argument’ | Pro Hub of News

Criticism has been directed at Amy Robach and T.J Holmes’ new podcast, which has been likened to a “soap opera” following an episode where they aired their argument.

Megyn Kelly addressed the couple’s podcast on The Megyn Kelly Show, describing it as resembling a dramatic storyline. She remarked on the apparent tumult in their relationship, suggesting that their podcast reflects their rocky beginnings.

Kelly commented on a recent episode where Robach and Holmes aired their disagreements publicly. She highlighted Robach’s frustrations with the workload associated with podcasting, contrasting it with the challenges faced by other professionals.

Kelly emphasized the privilege and wealth of Robach and Holmes, dismissing their complaints as trivial in comparison to the struggles faced by others. She criticized their portrayal of themselves as imperfect, wealthy individuals.

Robach and Holmes, both formerly of Good Morning America, faced repercussions after their workplace affair was discovered in November 2022. Despite their dismissal, they launched their self-titled podcast earlier this month, inviting scrutiny over their public airing of personal conflicts.