Travis Kelce’s dad didn’t know who’s Taylor Swift? | Pro Hub of News

During a recent episode of Audacy’s 92.3 The Fan, Travis Kelce’s father, Ed Kelce, made a surprising revelation about his first encounter with Taylor Swift. Ed recalled how he initially couldn’t remember the superstar’s name when she walked into Travis’s house with a security guard.

Ed humorously admitted, “When Travis has a lot of friends coming into town to the game, everyone meets at his house, although he’s not there.” He recounted the moment he saw Taylor Swift, expressing his embarrassment at not recognizing her. He shared how his girlfriend had to inform him of her identity, prompting him to realize his mistake.

Reflecting on how his fame has increased since Travis began dating Taylor Swift, Ed remarked, “More people recognize us since he [Travis] started dating Taylor, though.” He described encounters in grocery stores where strangers would greet him, attributing the heightened recognition to his son’s relationship with the singer.

Ed humorously acknowledged that his interactions with strangers had become more frequent and memorable since the “Taylor days” began, highlighting the unique experience brought about by his son’s high-profile romance.