Auction price of Lionel Messi’s first contract will leave you stunned | Pro Hub of News

The first contract signed by Argentine striker and football legend Lionel Messi with Barcelona, penned on December 14, 2000, is set to be auctioned in March with a staggering price tag of 350,000 euros.

This historic contract originated on a humble napkin when Messi was just 13 years old, convincing Barcelona’s management to secure a place for him at such a young age. The auction will be conducted by London-based auction house Bonhams.

Reports indicate that the contract will be auctioned on behalf of Argentine player agent Horacio Gaggioli. Impressively, Messi’s talent was evident during his two-week trial with Barcelona in September 2000, although the club initially hesitated to sign the young prodigy.

Barcelona director Carles Rexach was initially apprehensive about losing Messi, who had returned to his hometown of Rosario in Argentina. According to The Athletic, Gaggioli informed Rexach in December 2000 that Messi would be offered to other clubs, including Real Madrid, if Barcelona couldn’t commit to signing him.

Due to the urgency of the situation, the contract was hastily drafted on a napkin, with signatures from all parties involved, including Carles Rexach. The napkin contract bore witness to a pivotal moment in Messi’s career, solidifying his future with Barcelona and paving the way for countless footballing triumphs.

Ian Ehling, head of fine books and manuscripts at Bonhams New York, expressed the significance of the napkin, emphasizing its role in shaping Messi’s career and Barcelona’s legacy in football.

Horacio Gaggioli described the napkin agreement as a “marvelous moment,” underscoring its legal validity and its enduring impact on his life. He disclosed that he has safeguarded the napkin in a secure bank vault in Andorra, cherishing it as a symbol of Messi’s remarkable journey.

Josep Maria Minguella, another key figure involved in the contract, revealed that the napkin had been kept in his office for years, offering Barcelona the opportunity to display it in the club’s museum.