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Meghan Markle ‘dodged bullet’ as Aviation Awards were ‘not good for reputation’ | Pro Hub of News

Meghan Markle’s decision to skip a recent event alongside Prince Harry appears to have been a wise choice, as she seemingly avoided a potentially unfavorable situation. The Duchess of Sussex chose not to attend the Aviation Awards with her husband last week, a move that has been described as “dodging a bullet.”

Charlotte Griffiths, the editor of the Mail on Sunday, shared her perspective on GB News, stating, “It’s really unfortunate that they were pictured together for his PR team who must be holding their head in their hands.” Griffiths added that Meghan, in choosing to prioritize looking after her children, may have thought she was “taking one for the team,” but ultimately, it turned out to be a beneficial decision.

According to Griffiths, attending the event might not have been in Meghan’s best interest, as it could have had a negative impact on her reputation. She characterized the event as “low rent” and expressed uncertainty about the build-up to it. Griffiths also noted that Prince Harry, despite having a Hollywood PR team, seemed to realize that the event might not be the best fit for his public image based on how he approached his appearance.