Jennifer Lopez credits Ben Affleck for her ‘creative side’ | Pro Hub of News

Ben Affleck is reportedly a significant influence on Jennifer Lopez’s renewed focus on music. As the 54-year-old singer prepares to release her album “This is Me… Now,” a source revealed to PEOPLE that she is savoring her creative freedom during this time.

According to the insider, it has been an opportune moment for Jennifer to concentrate on her new album, and she is genuinely excited about it. The source mentioned that Ben Affleck takes pride in her accomplishments, being her biggest fan, and appreciates her strong work ethic and focus.

The source also shared insights into Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s personal life, stating that they had a wonderful Christmas together, and their family life is thriving. The children from their respective previous relationships reportedly get along well, creating a positive family dynamic.

During a YouTube Live session where Jennifer Lopez discussed her recent single track “Can’t Get Enough,” she acknowledged Ben Affleck’s contribution. She mentioned that while he may not be experienced in making videos, she trusts his opinions and ideas. Jennifer emphasized the deep understanding and connection she feels with Ben, stating that he knows her story and understands her on a profound level.