Selena Gomez fulfils one fan’s biggest wish | Pro Hub of News

Selena Gomez has captured the hearts of the internet with her compassionate response to a cancer-stricken fan’s heartfelt wish to meet the megastar.

On TikTok, Timothy Bobrovitsky initially posted a poignant clip expressing his fervent desire to meet the “Ice Cream” singer. Timothy, battling Stage 4 cancer in his lungs and leg, poured out his feelings, seeking help to fulfill his childhood dreams. He expressed his deep admiration for Selena Gomez, declaring himself her No. 1 fan, a staunch supporter, and more.

The 23-year-old fan shared that meeting Selena or even being recognized by her had been a significant item on his bucket list since his cancer diagnosis. In a touching plea, he mentioned that, lacking the Make-A-Wish foundation in Canada, his TikTok video was his humble version of a wish, hoping for Selena’s attention.

The video quickly went viral, amassing nearly 6 million views, catching the attention of Nicola Peltz Beckham, a close friend of Selena’s. Nicola commented under the post, revealing that she had sent it to Selena.

In response to the heartfelt video, the Emmy-nominated actress shared a split-screen reaction to Timothy’s clip. However, Selena later deleted the post, leaving a lasting impression with her genuine and compassionate acknowledgment of the fan’s wish.