Selena Gomez reflects on changes in her body throughout career | Pro Hub of News

Selena Gomez took to Instagram to reflect on the changes in her body over the years, sharing two photos of herself taken years apart. In one photo from 2013, where she was in a bikini, Selena expressed her realization that she will never look the same again.

In another photo from her vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, last year, wearing a high-waisted bikini, the “Singe Soon” crooner acknowledged that she is not perfect but takes pride in being herself. She admitted forgetting at times that it’s okay to be who she is.

Selena has been candid about facing scrutiny regarding her body, particularly after her surgery and lupus diagnosis. Recounting a magazine fitting at age 24, she revealed that none of the sample sizes fit her, leading her to realize she no longer had a teenager’s body.

In an interview with Fast Company, the 31-year-old singer expressed how unrealistic it is to expect a woman’s body not to change. She also highlighted moments of struggling with body image, influenced by what she saw on Instagram, saying, “Wow, I wish my body looked like that.”