Taylor Swift’s ex Joe Alwyn is ‘a world away’ from beau Travis Kelce | Pro Hub of News

In the realm of Taylor Swift’s romantic life, her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn and current beau Travis Kelce appear to be distinctly different, as observed at the Loewe’s Men’s Fall/Winter 2024 show in Paris. Taylor and Joe ended their nearly six-year relationship last year, keeping it largely private.

Body language expert Judi James analyzed Joe Alwyn’s demeanor at the event, highlighting the contrasts between him and NFL star Travis Kelce. According to James, it’s evident that Taylor Swift does not have a specific “type” when it comes to her choice of partners.

Joe Alwyn, in contrast to the strong and physically present Kelce, was described as having a more reserved and reluctant approach to posing for photos at the event. James noted the distinction in their wardrobes, suggesting that their fashion choices would be at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Observing Joe’s body language, James pointed out his “guarded approach” in front of the cameras. While Nicholas Holt took the lead in posing, Joe Alwyn casually appeared with a part smile, often clasping his hands in front of his torso, signaling a more cautious demeanor.

The comparison sheds light on the diversity in Taylor Swift’s romantic connections, with each partner displaying distinct qualities and characteristics.