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Prince Harry reminisces about mom Princess Diana with John Travolta | Pro Hub of News

Prince Harry was inducted into the “Living Legends of Aviation” hall of fame on Friday, where he took a moment to remember his late mother, Princess Diana. John Travolta, the host of the event, invited Harry on stage as “living legend, the Duke of Sussex.” Accepting the honor, Harry reminisced, “I was just a one-year-old when you danced with my mum at the White House, and now look at us! The only thing left to do is… not dance together but fly together.”

Travolta and the Duke of Sussex displayed their friendship throughout the event. Travolta, who famously danced with Princess Diana in 1985, engaged in playful banter with Harry. When asked about his first flight, Harry humorously replied, “It’s classified,” eliciting laughter from the crowd.

During the same event, Prince Harry spent time with Germany’s Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe. The German prince shared a selfie with Prince Harry on social media, expressing his congratulations and support for the award. He wrote, “Congratulations To HRH Prince Harry for his VERY MUCH DESERVED Living Legends of Aviation Award.”

Prince Harry was honored for his service in Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter pilot, showcasing his commitment to military service.