Inside Jennifer Aniston’s ‘sad’ dating life after two divorces | Pro Hub of News

Jennifer Aniston has reportedly faced a challenging six-year journey in the dating world, with a source close to the Hollywood actress revealing that it has been “pure hell” for her. The Friends alum, previously married to Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, has been searching for a suitable partner during this period.

According to the insider who spoke with Life & Style, Jennifer Aniston has found the experience of being single for six years extremely difficult. The source shared that Aniston wouldn’t wish what she has gone through on her worst enemy.

Recounting one of Aniston’s “worst dates,” the insider revealed an incident with a studio executive who brought an envelope to their dinner date. The executive then unveiled a screenplay for a slasher-horror-film-meets-rom-com, in which he wanted to star opposite Aniston. The source described Aniston’s reaction as being “flabbergasted.”

The insider also mentioned that Aniston has been particularly critical of the men she dates. Many of them are fans of her hit TV sitcom, Friends, or seek an autograph at the end of the night, making her cautious about genuine connections.

Although Aniston briefly experimented with a “secret online dating profile,” the experience wasn’t successful and only confirmed her dislike for it.

Despite her challenges, the source emphasized that Aniston would like to get married, but she remains steadfast in not lowering her standards.