‘Emily is Paris’ main character shares bad news ahead of season 4 release | Pro Hub of News

Ashley Park, known for her role as the best friend of the protagonist in the Netflix series “Emily in Paris,” reportedly faced a tragic health incident during her vacation. According to the latest information from Page Six, the 32-year-old actress experienced a “critical septic shock” over the New Year’s holiday.

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Ashley shared a series of photos from her hospital bed and revealed the ordeal she went through. She wrote in the caption, “While on holiday in December into New Years, what started as tonsillitis spiraled into critical septic shock, which infected and affected several of my organs.”

The actress, who is currently in the process of recovery, expressed gratitude, particularly to her series co-star and boyfriend, Paul Forman, for being a constant source of support. Ashley praised Paul, stating, “Grateful most of all to @peforman for being unconditionally by my side through all this.” She went on to share the challenges they faced together, including ambulance rides, multiple hospitals, a week in the ICU, visits to the ER, various scans, tests, injections, excruciating pain, and the confusion experienced while being far away from familiar surroundings.

Professing her love for Paul, she concluded, “I love you, Paul. More than I can ever say.”

For those unfamiliar, septic shock is a severe health condition that arises when an infection in the body leads to organ failure and extremely low blood pressure due to sepsis.