Jennifer Garner hates her role in Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez split | Pro Hub of News

Jennifer Garner has reportedly decided to step away from the drama involving Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, according to an insider familiar with the situation as reported by Daily Mail.

The insider revealed that Garner has chosen to no longer mediate between Lopez and Affleck, expressing her exhaustion with the situation. After years of dealing with Affleck’s enduring feelings for Lopez during their marriage, Garner reached a point where she declared, “Sorry, figure this out yourself.”

The insider explained that Garner found it increasingly painful to be involved because it stirred up memories of their divorce. They also shared rare insights into Garner and Affleck’s marriage, which ended in 2018.

“Throughout their marriage, there were moments when Garner felt like she played second fiddle to JLo, despite there being no direct communication between them and Ben for years,” the source elaborated.

The insider further commented on Affleck’s shift from privacy during their marriage to the public spotlight after reuniting with Lopez, noting Garner’s surprise at this change.

“In the end, Garner has decided that it’s not her responsibility to sort out her ex-husband’s and his wife’s issues,” the insider concluded before ending the conversation.