Blake Lively shows flirting skills with Ryan Reynolds on the internet | Pro Hub of News

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are known for their public displays of affection, and a recent instance was Blake’s playful comment on a photo of her husband.

The photo in question was shared by Ryan’s friend and co-star Hugh Jackman during their press tour in China. The picture features Ryan in a white tank top, showcasing his muscular physique.

Hugh continued their friendly rivalry with a caption aimed at Ryan: “‘You want me to put this away?’ — Ryan Reynolds, co-star, mouth breather,” to which he humorously added, “This photo is from my private collection. How dare you?”

Blake couldn’t resist commenting on the photo, playfully focusing on Ryan’s muscles as she wrote, “My thirst has been quenched.”

Meanwhile, Ryan reflected on their time in Shanghai, where the press tour began for their upcoming movie collaboration: “Leaving Shanghai is bittersweet… This was the first stop on the #DeadpoolAndWolverineTour. As we make our way to Korea, we want to thank the people of Shanghai for the incredible hospitality and warmth,” he shared.

The exchange highlights the couple’s lighthearted banter and their supportive dynamic, even amidst their busy schedules and international promotions.