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Prince William slams door in Harry’s face over attempt to contact Kate Middleton | Pro Hub of News

According to a report from The Sun, tensions between Prince Harry and Prince William have escalated, with William reportedly refusing any communication between Harry and Kate Middleton, even amid reports of Harry attempting to reach out to his ailing grandmother, Princess Diana.

Royal expert Phil Dampier disclosed that William is now overly protective of Kate, aiming to shield her from any distress, even if it strains his relationship with Harry further.

“The King and Prince William would not share any details of cancer treatment with Harry due to lack of trust,” the expert told the publication. “Given the strained relations of recent years, reconciliation seems distant.”

Dampier suggested that Harry’s sense of exclusion is self-inflicted, noting, “While he may be disappointed not to hear from his family, he bears responsibility for his situation.”

William, focused on protecting Kate from stress, and the King, hesitant to engage emotionally with Harry’s unpredictability, prioritize stability in their approach.