Jeremy Renner weighs in on needing time off to play ‘challenging’ roles | Pro Hub of News

Jeremy Renner has openly acknowledged that his current focus is on recovering from a tragic snowplow accident.

During a recent episode of the Smartless podcast, the 53-year-old actor shared that he lacks the energy to take on demanding roles at this time as he prioritizes his health.

“I just don’t have the energy for it. I don’t have the fuel,” Jeremy revealed.

He elaborated, “I have so much fuel to put into my recovery, my body, all these things. I can’t just dive into make-believe right now.”

“Because every day takes immense effort for me to stay positive, to make progress, to continue growing,” he added before concluding the interview.

For context, Jeremy suffered severe injuries on January 1, 2023, when he was struck by a 14,300-pound snowplow while assisting a family member stuck in deep snow. He endured 38 broken bones and serious chest injuries as a result of the accident.