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Meghan Markle battling history as the second American in the Royal Family | Pro Hub of News

Meghan Markle is now being compared to Wallis Simpson, the first American to marry into the Royal Family, sparking discussions across various platforms, including commentary from ‘Simple’ Simon London.

In a recent conversation with TalkTV host Kevin O’Sullivan, London didn’t hold back, expressing admiration for the Duchess of Sussex and drawing parallels with historical treatment of American royals.

“Whenever an American entered the royal family and disrupted the status quo, they were always vilified, always painted as the villain,” London remarked.

He went on to praise Meghan’s journey, noting, “I think Meghan, as you say, she’s a go-getter and she’s achieved remarkable success, transitioning from where she started to where she is now. Harry, being the spare, had to forge a different path, and he’s done so by being more transparent and authentic.”

London highlighted Harry’s efforts in sharing his story through mediums like books and his focus on mental health, which he suggested resonates more strongly with American audiences.

In essence, the commentator suggested that both Meghan and Harry have navigated their roles within the royal family in ways that reflect their own identities and values.