Taylor Swift pens witty responses for TTPD reviews | Pro Hub of News

Taylor Swift recently took to her Instagram stories to share some positive reviews of her latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” which she released on April 19 as a double album. One of the reviews she highlighted was from Rolling Stone, which described her work as a mix of emotions, ranging from confusion and bitterness to rage and vulnerability, yet more gloriously chaotic than ever before. Taylor responded to this praise with lyrics from the album, adding white heart emojis and expressing that it felt like her heart was about to explode.

She also shared another positive review from critic Helen Brown of The Independent, who praised the album as a powerful reminder of Swift’s ability to create a personal connection through her songs. The review noted that Swift’s storytelling resonates with listeners, giving their own experiences a new energy. Taylor reposted this review and added her comment, saying that everyone she knows understands why the album is so meaningful.