Will Smith’s PR team in action as actor prepares for big comeback | Pro Hub of News

Will Smith is gearing up to address the 2022 Oscar controversy that led to backlash and industry criticism, causing some to “cancel” him before his upcoming movie comeback with Bad Boys 4 in June. According to sources reported by The Sun, Smith’s team is planning a significant PR campaign, including appearances on major talk shows, to promote his “redemption story.”

The insider mentioned that Smith will directly confront the incident of slapping Chris Rock onstage during the Oscars and discuss how he has evolved since then. Additionally, there are expectations that he will open up about his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith, particularly their previous separation more than six years ago.

While Smith publicly apologized to Chris Rock for the slap, he has not yet fully addressed the controversy in detail. The insider noted that this incident is still a sensitive topic, but Smith is prepared to address it head-on, leveraging his massive fan base and the appeal of a redemption narrative to support his return to the spotlight.