Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck seeking couple’s therapy to save marriage | Pro Hub of News

Jennifer Lopez persuaded Ben Affleck to participate in the documentary “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” which chronicles the revival of their romance after two decades. However, Affleck, known for his privacy, has conflicting views about discussing his personal life. In the film, he admitted discomfort with being part of such a project.

The public scrutiny of their relationship is affecting Affleck, and both he and Lopez have decided to seek couples therapy to address their issues. Despite their deep love for each other, tension has arisen unexpectedly, leading them to acknowledge their relationship’s challenges.

With the guidance of a therapist, they are working on a plan to strengthen their marriage, including regular therapy sessions and efforts to improve their connections with friends and family. Lopez has encouraged Affleck to prioritize therapy and invest more in their relationship.

Despite the challenges, they are both committed to making their marriage work and are determined to overcome obstacles together.