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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle slapped with massive warning over ‘juicy’ contract | Pro Hub of News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have received a stern warning regarding their upcoming ‘juicy’ Netflix docuseries, as revealed by PR expert Lynn Carratt from Press Box PR in a recent discussion with The Mirror.

Carratt weighed in on the situation, emphasizing the potential pitfalls of pursuing a documentary about the Sussexes’ royal past, which Netflix reportedly desires. She cautioned that, in order to rebuild their image effectively, the couple should avoid this type of content altogether.

Instead, Carratt suggested alternative approaches for the couple’s involvement with Netflix. She proposed the idea of a second series of their Harry and Meghan docuseries and a documentary focusing on Africa, a subject Harry has shown interest in. Carratt also highlighted the significance of the couple’s debut movie, stating that its success could potentially lead to an extension of their deal with Netflix. However, she advised against public appearances with competing streaming companies to maintain the integrity of their partnership.

This warning underscores the delicate balance Harry and Meghan must navigate as they venture into the entertainment industry while managing public perceptions and their own reputations.