Emily Blunt makes a public apology to Cillian Murphy | Pro Hub of News

Emily Blunt has extended her apologies to fellow Oppenheimer actor, Cillian Murphy, for a scene involving a slap that ultimately didn’t make it into the final cut of the film.

In an interview with The Sun, the 40-year-old actress disclosed that she was directed to repeatedly slap the Irish actor for a scene. Despite her initial reluctance, she revealed that both director Christopher Nolan and Cillian himself encouraged her to proceed with the action.

Expressing remorse, Blunt mentioned, “Sorry about your cheekbone, Cillian. Poor Cillian.” She recounted how Nolan urged her to “hit him,” while Cillian himself pushed her to carry out the action. Blunt added, “Chris was like, ‘He’ll be fine… do it.'”

Despite the physicality of the scene, Blunt praised Murphy as an exceptional scene partner, referring to him as “Mr. Ocean Eyes.” She expressed admiration for his talent and described him as captivating and mesmerizing in his role.

As the film gears up for the upcoming Academy Awards on March 10, Oppenheimer has garnered 13 nominations, further solidifying its critical acclaim and recognition within the industry.