Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce will get engagement ring for free? | Pro Hub of News

As rumors swirl around a potential engagement between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, a Philadelphia jeweler has extended a generous offer to the couple. The pair, who began dating in September, has garnered significant attention from fans eager to see where their relationship is headed.

Amidst the engagement speculations, Steven Singer Jewelers’ owner expressed openness to creating a unique engagement ring for the globally renowned couple. He stated, “I would be honored to help design a truly extraordinary ring exclusively for them.” He acknowledged their celebrity status and the multitude of options available to them but emphasized his willingness to contribute to their special moment.

The jeweler also shared his daughter’s admiration for Taylor Swift, adding a personal touch to the offer. He playfully mentioned that creating a special ring might make securing concert tickets for Taylor’s next tour a bit easier for the couple.

Despite the jeweler’s offer, an insider revealed that there are currently no plans for an engagement between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. The source emphasized that their relationship is still new, and the couple is focused on getting to know each other.