Michael B. Jordan working on ‘secret’ movie: Reports | Pro Hub of News

Excitement is building in Hollywood as Michael B. Jordan and writer-director Ryan Coogler prepare for their much-anticipated reunion in an upcoming film shrouded in secrecy. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Ryan Coogler has penned the script for the untitled project, and he will be directing the film, marking a collaboration that has already generated significant buzz.

Adding to the air of mystery, the project is being kept tightly under wraps, with potential buyers required to visit William Morris Endeavor’s (WME) Beverly Hills offices to access the script. This unique approach underscores the level of confidentiality surrounding the undisclosed details of the movie.

Ryan Coogler, known for his work on films like “Black Panther,” will produce the secretive project through his production company, Proximity Media, co-founded with Sev Ohanian and his wife Zinzi Coogler in 2021.

While the genre of the film remains unknown, speculation abounds about potential elements, ranging from sci-fi and horror to fantasy. Additionally, rumors suggest the inclusion of a period component, further heightening curiosity about the mysterious project.

In recent developments, Ryan Coogler has been meeting with interested parties, presenting his vision and the unique aspects of the script during sessions at WME. The director plans to continue discussions with potential purchasers, seeking a production commitment to bring the enigmatic project to life.