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King Charles receives exciting news from Australia amid abdication calls | Pro Hub of News

Amid increasing calls for King Charles of Britain to abdicate following Queen Margrethe of Denmark’s resignation in favor of her son, an exciting development has emerged from Australia, where Charles serves as the head of state. Daily Express UK reports that Australia has decided to abandon plans for a referendum aimed at replacing King Charles and establishing a republic.

Australian Minister Matt Thistlewaite confirmed this decision, stating that the government’s current focus is on addressing the cost of living, making it the appropriate priority. The referendum, rumored to occur next year, has been shelved, and Thistlewaite refrained from providing a new timeline for a vote on the matter.

According to The Times, Thistlewaite emphasized that he would not commit to a specific timetable, saying, “I’m not going to put a timetable on it.” In a previous interview, he had expressed concerns about the undemocratic nature of the current method of selecting the head of state, advocating for a broader discussion with Australians on this issue in the long term.