Jennifer Lopez hits ‘best shape’ ahead of ‘This is Me… Now’ tour | Pro Hub of News

Jennifer Lopez, gearing up for her summer tour “This is Me… Now,” recently revealed that she’s never felt better. Lopez credited her demanding filming schedule for the upcoming movie “Kiss of the Spider Woman” for putting her in the “best shape of her life.”

In the film, Lopez tackles strenuous singing and dancing routines that she describes as both thrilling and tiring. During an appearance on “Live with Kelly and Mark,” the actress shared, “I just wrapped up filming ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman,’ where it was all about singing and dancing, which was equally exhilarating and exhausting.”

“I’m at my slimmest right now. I’m in top-notch shape,” she added. Lopez also mentioned that with her upcoming tour requiring singing and dancing, it’s crucial for her to maintain a healthy physique.

“It’s about keeping your body active, constantly on the move, with all the travel and two hours of intense performance every night… it’s a period where I really focus on being in excellent, healthy shape,” she explained.