Selena Gomez voices concern over ‘beauty standards’ | Pro Hub of News

Selena Gomez recently discussed her views on beauty standards and her own cosmetics brand, Rare Beauty.

At the TIME100 Summit in NYC, Gomez spoke about her concerns regarding the unrealistic beauty standards promoted by the beauty industry.

The singer, known for hits like “Who Says,” admitted that she is not skilled at makeup, despite being the owner of a cosmetic line.

She highlighted the broader issue of unattainable beauty standards, saying, “I personally feel that the beauty industry often sets standards that are unrealistic. It saddens me for my generation and anyone else to compare themselves to something that’s likely edited and perfected.”

Gomez emphasized her desire to challenge these standards, stating, “I don’t know much about makeup, even though I have a makeup line. I’m not good at it.”

Furthermore, Gomez mentioned that her brand focuses on enhancing natural beauty rather than masking it.

“We are mindful in naming our products to inspire joy and self-discovery. I simply wanted to create makeup that brings joy to people. I don’t believe in conforming to a certain look. I’ve spent years doing that, and it’s exhausting and unproductive,” she added.