Bella Hadid makes major move for beau Adan Banuelos | Pro Hub of News

Bella Hadid’s relationship with Adan Banuelos is becoming more serious by the day.

The supermodel publicly revealed her romance with the cowboy in October 2023, when they were seen showing affection in Fort Worth, Texas. By February, Bella made their relationship Instagram official by posting a series of photos from her birthday celebration, including shots with Adan.

In a recent update from an insider speaking to US Weekly, it’s disclosed that Bella has relocated to be closer to Adan, although they haven’t officially moved in together but spend significant time at each other’s homes.

The source revealed, “She moved to Texas to be closer to him. Bella is entering a new phase in her life, thanks to Adan.” The insider also mentioned that Bella is experiencing a sense of peace and happiness with Adan and sees a potential long-term future with him.

According to reports, Bella’s sister Gigi Hadid and mother Yolanda are supportive of her relationship with Adan, believing that he is the right match for her.

Regarding her modeling career, Bella has taken a step back for now as it’s not her top priority at the moment. The insider shared, “She loves being away from Hollywood and will consider modeling jobs if they align with her interests, but for now, it’s not her main focus.”