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Blake Lively retracts insensitive joke about Kate Middleton, issues apology | Pro Hub of News

Hollywood actress Blake Lively recently issued a public apology shortly after news of Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis surfaced. Lively, known for her roles in films like “The It Ends With Us,” was one of the celebrities who made light-hearted jokes about the Duchess of Cambridge’s photoshopping mishap.

Taking to Instagram, Lively expressed regret for her insensitive comment and acknowledged the gravity of Middleton’s situation. She stated, “I’m sure no-one cares today but I feel I have to acknowledge this. I made a silly post around the ‘photoshop fails’ frenzy and, oh, man, that post has me mortified today.” Lively went on to apologize and extend her love and well wishes to everyone affected.

In addition to her apology, Lively also removed the post where she poked fun at Middleton and her photo editing skills. Prior to this incident, Lively had been promoting her brand Betty Buzz’s new range of alcohol-free mocktails with a poorly edited image, which she later replaced with a more appropriate announcement photo.

Following Middleton’s announcement, several journalists and celebrities who had previously joked about her photo editing have also apologized. Royal correspondent Jennie Bond emphasized the importance of empathy and understanding during such sensitive times, especially considering Middleton’s role as a mother to three children.