Adam Sandler snubs Oscars for Basketball game, leaves fans in disbelief | Pro Hub of News

Adam Sandler made waves in Kensington, London, as he joined a group of teenagers for a game of basketball, opting for a different weekend vibe than the Academy Awards. The actor bypassed the glitz of the awards ceremony to spend time at a recreation center in the UK, where he pleasantly surprised young fans by showing up unannounced at their basketball game.

In a TikTok video that quickly went viral, Sandler was captured honing his shooting skills while dressed in a vibrant floral Hawaiian shirt, complemented by grey sweatpants and red Nike trainers.

“I’m in West London. I rolled up to my local basketball court and check this out,” the TikToker exclaimed in disbelief as he turned the camera to reveal Adam Sandler.

“Bro, that’s Adam Sandler. Look, you guys think I’m kidding,” he added, clearly astonished.

Despite being crowned the industry’s highest-paid actor, Sandler has consistently shown his love for basketball and his penchant for spontaneous pick-up games, a tradition he continues even across the pond.

His fans took to social media to share their thoughts on his impromptu appearance. One fan reminisced, “He does this in the U.S. all the time. I never imagined he would bring the energy overseas.”

Others expressed their excitement and surprise, commenting, “This is so unexpected. No one would have believed it without this video,” and “I adore Adam Sandler; you just see him everywhere.”