Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel’s brutal jibe at Prince Harry’s looks | Pro Hub of News

Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hold back his commentary on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, where they disclosed concerns within the royal family about their son Archie’s skin color. Kimmel humorously remarked that perhaps the royals should have hoped Archie resembled Meghan more than Harry, turning the event into “the most shocking gender reveal party of all time.” He also quipped about the irony of the royals suddenly caring about the baby’s skin color after centuries of inbreeding.

In his Oscars monologue, Kimmel took a playful jab at Robert Downey Jr.’s past struggles with addiction, suggesting his motion might have been a drug reference. Downey Jr. didn’t seem amused, maintaining a serious expression. Kimmel also stirred some discomfort when he made a joke about Emma Stone’s intimate scenes in her film “Poor Things,” prompting her to respond with a sharp retort.