Jennifer Garner planning John Miller engagement sans Jennifer Lopez? | Pro Hub of News

It appears that Jennifer Lopez may not be included on the guest list for Jennifer Garner and John Miller’s engagement ceremony, given the history between the two Hollywood figures and actor Ben Affleck.

As many fans are aware, both Jennifers have been linked through their past relationships with Ben Affleck, particularly Garner’s marriage to the Daredevil actor.

However, Jennifer Lopez is now married to Ben Affleck, while Jennifer Garner is involved in a more private relationship with John Miller, CEO of CaliBurger. According to a report from Closer Magazine, the couple has already participated in a discreet engagement ceremony.

Despite this, the report suggests that Garner, 51, may not be inclined to extend an invitation to the “Get on The Floor” singer for her upcoming celebrations. Sources suggest that Garner prefers to have only close friends and family present at her special event.

It’s reported that Garner doesn’t share a deep bond with Lopez, especially considering Lopez’s perceived flashy nature. This decision has placed Ben Affleck in a difficult position as he seeks to support his children from his previous marriage.

The insider hinted at potential conflict, stating, “If Jen wants Ben there, she may need to extend an invitation to J-Lo as well, just to maintain peace.”

For those unfamiliar, Ben and Jennifer Garner maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship for the sake of their three children.